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The European Parliament voted on Jan. 15, 2014 , the "YES" for the use of electronic solutions in the procurement process in obtaining EU funds for local projects in member countries. In our industry , it means inflammation of the green light for BIM technology , which Infowmacji Modeling of building , the entrance to the procedures for obtaining EU funds for Polish investment.
Most of these measures have for us the last installment for the period 2014 - 2020 will fall INFRASTRUCTURE !

We are currently in the organization of the Association of BIM for Polish Construction Industrie. Association of people who are convinced that the best path for the optimal use of EU funds for the development of Polish infrastructure , the application and use of the public procurement rules and Investment Process Integrated BIM technology .

In parallel with the development of the Association are organizing the Conference : BIM for Polish Construction Industrie to be some kind of indicator of courses of action for the coming months for the work of the Association.


Unfortunately, we are forced to cancel a planned conference 

BIM for polish construction industry 2014

Event on June 25-26, 2014 - Warsaw


We are very sorry that we failed to sufficiently interested in the target audience of our Conference. As General Contractors were interested in a small way, as representatives of the Public Investors, unfortunately, are still not interested in using the knowledge of other markets in order to increase efficiency in the areas of planning, design and implementation of construction projects. 

Of course, relentless in getting to the right people, environments, in order to propagate the knowledge, solutions. We will continually tried to interest those who see purpose in the effectiveness of the planning and execution of Polish public investment.



Day One - open for all participants

BIM implementation level in the UK legislative procedures, according to the governmental strategy for the construction industry.

Expected savings (cost reduction, scheduling optimisation) in the public commissions as well as the CO2 emissions reduction, resulting from BIM implementation in the UK.

BIM implementation results in Finland since 2007, and their influence on the activities of the state agency Senatti, which is responsible for state immovable properties and facilities.

Discussion on BIM technology utilisation, based on BIM Handbook, issued by the state agency Statsbygg in Norway, for design, construction and Facility Management of state properties.

BIM technology implementation in a design and/or construction company. Expected and actual Return-On-Investment (ROI).

Day Two - three thematic panels

Road Infrastructure

Discussion on planning, design, construction execution and utilisation procedures in the field of road infrastructure, based on world examples with BIM technology implementation (a.o. the Stockholm Bypass).

Railway Infrastructure

Discussion on planning, design, construction execution and utilisation procedures in the field of railway infrastructure, based on world examples with BIM technology implementation (a.o. Crossrail - the biggest European urban rail system construction in London).

General Contractor of a Construction Commission

Integrated Delivery for Project and Construction Execution. Agile Project Management. Lean Construction.

Construction execution optimisation regarding resources (human, equipment and materials) and work scheduling, cost - BIM 5D

Conference Summary

Activities strategy proposal in order to work out recommendations for BIM implementation into the polish Building Code and Public Procurement Law until 2016.


The goals of the society 'BIM for polish construction industry" and ways to achieve them.

The Advisory Board